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How This Let You Select A Suitable Packaging Equipment

What’s “Water-resistant” and “Water-proof” Meaning For?

There are many times when you try to buy packaging equipment that is printed with water-resistant or water-proof on its manual.

Waterproof And Water Resistant

However, you might have no idea about these two words. These two words are created by the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC). It shows the ingress protection ratings of the instrument or equipment.

This article will let you know all about the IP rating regarding the definition, and types, and let you how it is for you to choose packaging equipment and how.

What Is IP Rating?

As you know, the ingress protection ratings mean there are several grades for protecting electrical or electronic equipment.

what is ip rating

Solid Protection

Usually, you will see there are two digitals behind IP. The first digital stands for protecting your device from solid items, such as dust. There are 6 grads indicated by 0~6 with bigger and higher grades of dust protection.

Solid Ingress Protection IP Rated Control Cabinet

Liquid Protection

You will also see the second di

gital behind IP stands for protecting from liquids, such as water. There are 9 grades of liquid protection with bigger and higher protecting grades.

Other Protection

Sometimes, there are also some letters to stand for protecting other objects. This is not often used.

IP Rating Chart

Below is an IP rating chart for your reference.

What Does The First Digit of The IP Rating Mean?

The first digit after IP mainly ranges from 0 to 6 to indicate the diameter or mesh of foreign objects or dust.

0: There is no protection;

1: The diameter of the object is 50mm;

2: The object is at 12.5mm;

3: The diameter of the of the object is 2.5mm;

4: The diameter of the object is 1mm;

5: It is an object with a dust level;

6: Even tiny dust can be prevented from entering.

What Does The Second Digit of The IP Rating Mean?

The second digit after IP ranges from 0 to 9 to indicate the level of protection against water intrusion with different heaviness.

0: There is no protection;

1: It can prevent water from entering vertically.

2: It can prevent water from entering with an inclination angle of 15 degrees.

3: It can prevent spray water from entering with a tilt of 60 degrees.

4: It can prevent splashing water at any tilt angle from entering.

5: It can prevent the sprayed water (nozzle 6.3mm, pressure 30kpa, head 3m) from entering.

6: It can prevent the entry of relatively powerful water jets (nozzle 12.5mm, pressure 100kpa, head 3m).

7: It can be immersed in water (depth 1m, time 30 minutes) and can also prevent entry.

8: It can enter the water more than 1m without leaking (the test time is usually marked by the manufacturer).

9: It means that immersing in high-pressure and high-temperature water can prevent water from entering.

What Does Letter Digit of The IP Rating Mean?

The letters are sometimes used to indicate protecting your device from other objects, such as oil, gasoline, etc. 

F: Fuel resistance

H: High voltage device

M: Moving status underwater

S: Standstill status under water

W: Weather conditions

What IP Ratings Of Packaging Equipment Have? 

Protecting the electrical enclosure of the packaging machine from dust and water is a compulsory requirement. Especially for dusty packaging environments, such as the flour and coffee industry. And waterproof protection for liquid packaging, such as cosmetics.

Electrical Room Use No Water

The motor and pneumatic parts might fail if it’s invaded by dust or moisture. So the packaging machine manufacturers will consider the IP ratings when fabricating it.

There are several IP ratings for packaging machines:

      1. IP54. Normally protecting your machine from a normal dusty environment or water splashing.

      1. IP65. Completely protects your machine from fine dust entering and can use low-pressure water to jet.

      1. IP66. Completely protected from fine dust and with strong-pressure water to jet.

      1. IP67. Completely protecting the machine from fine dust invasion, and suits for water jet washing under shallow water with a short continuous time.

      1. IP68. Completely protects the machine from fine dust entering, and can immerse it in the deep water. 

    5 Advantages After You Choose A Suitable IP-Rated Packaging Machine

    Good Running

    If you choose a good IP-rated packaging machine, it will protect the motor, bearing, and pneumatic parts from dust invasion. All the main active moving parts will have a good running without malfunction. 

    Good Running Packaging Machine

    Protect Your Main Electrical Parts Inside The Control Enclosure

    There are all the important electrical parts inside the control cabinets attached packaging machine. They are the brains of the machine. If it’s well ingress protection from dust or moisture, they will work quite well.

    Protect Electrical Parts Inside The Control Enclosure

    Seldom Changeovers

    The malfunction situation is a headache for you when you use a packaging machine for a long time. If you have a fairly IP-rated packaging machine, it will ease it. It will greatly reduce the changeover frequency.

    Changeover Packaging Machine Parts


    If your packaging machine is water washing available, you can wash your packaging machine with water. This will make your product in compliance with GMP grade. This is very valuable in the food industry.

    Sanitary Packaging Machine

    Save Maintenance Times

    There are several normal maintenance times yearly. A fairly IP-rated packaging machine will save your maintenance time a lot.

    How To Choose A Suitable IP-Rated Packaging Machine?

    You need to examine your packaging situation in your industry. You’d better know well about your product properties before choosing a suitable IP-rated packaging machine.

    Examine Your Bulk Filling Product Size

    How many meshes of your product? Check with your production manager, and test it. For example, if your product is fine with powder, you need to choose a packaging machine that ingress rating in compliance with it is dust mesh.

    Measure Bulk Material Diameter


    Test Your Product’s Moisture & Viscosity

    You’d better check the moisture and viscosity of your products. Tell them to your packaging machine supplier. There are different waterproof standards of the packaging machine for your products. The machine manufacturer will give expert advice to decide which kind of waterproof rating your products should be available. 

    Test Product Moisture

    Give A General Analysis Of Your Products Size & Moisture

    If generally analyze your products and give a result regarding the dust and moisture or viscosity, you will get the final expert advice completely. 

    At last, you can choose the packaging machine with the correct IP rating that the right for your packaging situation.

    If You Find IPX Rating, How Does It Effect?

    If you find an IPX or IPXX rating, it means the manufacturer of your buying equipment is not defining or testing the ingress protection from dust or water.


    You need to clarify with your manufacturer. You’d better ask them what kind of intrusion protection should pay attention to when to use the packaging equipment.

    Other Popular Industries Applied With IP Ratings 

    Except for the packaging equipment industry, several other popular industries apply for IP ratings.

    Electrical Enclosures

    The IP rating for an electrical enclosure doesn’t overtake 72.5kv. Ingress protection ratings suitable for the electrical enclosure are: IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68. 

    Electrical Enclosure Protection

    Wearable Electronics

    The wearable electronics industry usually suits IP67 and IP68.

    Wearable Electronics

    Outdoor Lighting

    Deck lights: IP44, IP67

    General garden light: IP44

    String lights: IP20

    Security lights: IP44

    Underwater lights: IP68

    Outdoor Led Light IP Rating

    CCTV Cameras

    CCTV cameras suit IP66 and IP67.

    Waterproof CCTV Camera


    Drones’ IP rating is IP55.

    Waterproof Drone

    Automotive Electronics

    The IP rating for automotive electronics is IP65, IP67.

    Automative Electronic IP Rating

    Marine Electronics

    The IP rating for marine electronics is IP66, IP67, IP68.

    What’s The Difference of IEC IP And UL/NEMA? 

    The IEC’s full name is the International Electrotechnical Committee whose headquarters is located in Geneva. The NEMA full name is the National Electrical Manufacturers Association which is mainly for the North American Area.IEC DefinitionIP rating by IEC is covered by NEMA standards. However, the NEMA not only gives the standard of ingress protection ratings like dust and water, but also it covers corrosion, explosion, and construction.NEMA Meaning

    Now North American areas are increasingly using the IEC IP rating.

    For more information about these two systems comparisons, you can click here.

    How To Do IP Rating Testing? 

    There’s most popular IP testing method by IEC 60529, or BS EN 60529. It is mainly to test your electrical products regarding the seam enclosure that protects from solid objects, dust, and water. 

    Testing IP Rating


    There are several steps of IP rating.

    Step 1: Sending Your Product Sample To The Laboratory 

    Find an institute or agent that is available to do the IP test according to IEC 60529 or BS EN 60529. You need to send your product to their site.

    IP Test Laboratory

    Step 2: Foreign Object Testing

    Foreign object testing is using a sand-blowing device that blows concentrated levels from 1mm to 50mm particles or objects on your product in a sealed sand chamber.

    1MM Probe Ingress Test

    Step 3: Dust Protection Test

    The dust protection test will test your products in compliance with IP5X and IP6X standards. It will be tested by a dust chamber that evenly blows dust completely in a sealed chamber that imitates the natural sand environment. For a detailed dust protection test, click here.

    Dust Ingress Protection Testing

    Step 4: Waterproof Testing

    Waterproof testing, including water dripping, driving rain falling, water splashing, water jetting, immersion testing, and pressured immersion testing. For detailed waterproof testing click here.

    Step 5: Give IP Test Report 

    After all the IP test procedures, it will give you the IP Test Report. The report will cover all the results of the object, dust as well as waterproof testing. 

    There will be special IP rating test equipment, such as sand blower, spray nozzles, submerge tanks, dripping test equipment, walk-in test chambers, etc. 

    Where To Do The IP Rating Certification? And Its Cost?

    For the IP Rating certification test, the IEC accredits the institute or laboratories that comply with the standard. You need to tell them your product IP test requirement and get a quote from them. 

    1. TÜV SÜD America 

    2. Intertek

    3. RISE – Swedish Research Creating Sustainable Growth

    4. SGS

    5. ITC India Pvt Ltd – Electrical Safety Testing Lab

    6. Nemko –  Electrical Product Testing & Certification in Norway

    7. TÜRCERT – SCIENCE Certification and Testing Services

    8. SGS-IPS Testing

    The above are several international IP rating certification test institutes. However, you need to check their websites to find the local office in your region and get the quote.


    So we know that it’s quite important to know the IP rating when you choose a suitable packaging machine. And you know why and how to choose a fairly IP-rated packaging machine. You know what IP rating is now. It’s ingress protection with different grades for dust and water protection. Now you even know more clearly for all the industrial applications of the IP rating types.


    What IP Rating Is 100% Waterproof?

    IP65, IP66, IP67.

    Which Is Better IP65 or IP67?

    Both IP65 and IP67 are complete dust protection, and waterproof. If you just want your device to bear water spraying, it can use IP65. However, if you need it to submerge in the water, you’d better use IP67.

    Which Is Better IP55 or IP65?

    As for IP55 and IP65 standards, they are both water resistant to moisture and dust protection. But IP55 can only protect from the normal dust, while IP65 can protect from tiny dust.

    How Is IP Rating Calculated?

    There are two digits behind the IP. One digit stands for objects or dust protection grade. The second digit stands for the waterproof grade.

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