How To Install Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Unit?

Install VFFS Machine Unit

Most people are fearful of the installation of the vertical form-fill-seal machine. They think this automated packaging machine is an elephant and hard to install. How to install an integrated vertical form fill seal machine unit? This article will let you know what is an integrated vertical form-fill-seal machine and how to install it.

What Is A Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Unit?

It is a complete set of integrated packaging machines consisting of a vertical form-fill-seal machine, electronic weigher, worktable, end product conveyor, and elevator.

With this vertical form-fill-seal machine unit, you can weigh-fill, bag form, seal, data print, raw material feed, and end product conveyance.

integrated vertical form-fill-seal machine unit

How To Install An Integrated Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Unit?

There are a total of 14 steps for you. Let’s dive into how to install the vertical form-fill-seal machine unit.

Step 1: Read The Manual 

You need to read all the manuals regarding the vertical form-fill-seal machine. Including the general component of this machine unit that has different functions. Especially the power types, wiring, air pipes, compressed air pressure, and solenoid valve deployment.

Packing Machine Manual

Step 2: Check The Installation Videos

Please ask your machine supplier or factory to supply all the videos of the installation. The videos should be titled with each component installed. There better be a complete video when it is dismantled and packaged inside the case before delivery from your supplier’s workshop.

VFFS machine installation video list

Step 2: Select Installation Place

Select your installation place with a drawing of the vertical form fill seal machine. The workshop space must be enough and the height must cover the machine’s. Power wires and air pipes can be easily linked to the machine. The storage workshop and the packaging area will be short-distance or easy for packaged products transportation.

Packaging Machine Installation Workshop

Step 3: Dismantle The Cases

Dismantle the cases that contain the vertical form seal machine. They’re usually 5 wooden cases you will receive from your supplier:

Dismantle the Multi-head Weigher Wooden Case

#1 Case for the elevator (this can be dismissed when you have a large silo on the second floor);

#2 Case for the electronic weigher;

#3 Case for the vertical form fill seal machine,

#4 Case for worktable & brackets with ladders (these sometimes nude-packing),

#5 Case for the end conveyor (this usually nude-packing).

Step 4: Assemble The Machines

It should place the vertical form seal machine at first. You need to pay attention to the convey-out of the end bag’s direction. Then assemble the worktable on top of the vertical form fill seal machine. Then place the electronic weigher onto the worktable. The discharging port of the weigher must be in the center of the bag’s former tube. Then place the elevator and end conveyor.

Step 5: Link All The Components

Link all the components among the 5 parts mentioned above according to the drawing. Screw all the screws on the machine and make sure they are all tight since long transportation. This is very important. You can link the VFFS machine, electronic weigher, worktable, end product conveyor, and elevator together.

VFFS600-Z1H10 Drawing Front View

Step 6: Link Wires & Air Pipes

Link the power wires and air pipes accordingly. You can open the machine and check it is powered on and compressed air and solenoid valve are all well.

Link Electrical Circuit Wires

Step 7: Install The Rolled-of-Film

Press the button on the shaft behind the vertical form fill seal machine to release the air inside the shaft. Fill the shaft with rolled-plastic-film, have a check, and make sure this roll of packaging film is in the right center of the shaft. 

Install the roll of film on vffs machine

Step 8: Wear The Packaging Film

Check the drawing of the film winding. Wear the film on the vertical form seal machine accordingly. Also, wear the bag former with the film till it’s under the horizontal sealer.

Film Winding Route on VFFS Machine

Step 9: Jog The Vertical Form-fill-seal Machine

Power on all the machines. Press the button on the HMI touch screen of the vertical form seal machine one by one, and jog each action of the machine. From the horizontal sealer, vertical sealer, cut, film drawing, etc.

Jog The vffs machines

Step 10: Jog The Electronic Weigher

After the signal wire links the electronic weigher with the vertical form fill seal machine, power on the electronic weigher. Calibrate the weigher hoppers with a standard weight according to the calibration video. Press each button on the HMI touchscreen, and test each action. Fill the product material inside the silo on top of the weigher.

Touchscreen of Multi-head Weigher Jogging

Step 11: Link The Vertical Form-fill-seal Machine & Electronic Weigher

Switch on the vertical form fill seal machine and electronic weigher, and start to test. Press the electronic weigher mode on the HMI of the vertical form fill seal machine. Then it will both work. Firstly jog the machine, and fill one bag. Have check, and adjust till all the performance is well. Start to work normally.

Integrated VFFS Packaging Machine Units

Step 12: Link The End Conveyor

After the wire is linked well with the vertical form fill seal machine, power on the end conveyor belt. It can also control the end conveyor on the HMI.

End Product Belt Conveyor

Step 13: Link The Elevator

After placing the elevator in the right area beside the worktable, link the electrical wire and signal wire with the vertical form fill seal machine. The HMI of the vertical form fill seal machine can control the elevator. There’s a sensor on the top of the electronic weigher: if the product material is filled full or to a certain extent, it will automatically stop; vice verse.

Z bucket elevator

Step 14: Training Your Operator

During the learning and installation of the vertical form fill seal machine, you will know very well the machine. You need to train your operators and let them know how to operate the machines too.

Operator Training

You can give a general working flow of the packaging machine and teach the following training content below:

      1. Teach them how to draw the film on the bag former
      2. How to change the bag form
      3. How to adjust the compressed air pressure
      4. How to link all the solenoid valves and air pipe
      5. How to jog and commission the vertical form fill seal machine
      6. How to calibrate the electronic weigher
      7. How to test the vertical form seal machine while co-work with the electronic weigher
      8. How to test the color mark sensor catching the color mark on the film
      9. How to improve the packaging speed while controlling the filling accuracy
      10. How to find each malfunction solution


    The above steps are the installation procedure for the vertical form fill seal machine. You’d better to know all the components of a complete integarted vertical form fill seal machine unit. And know their structure and function. If there’s any uncertain trouble, you can check the Trouble Shooting on the Manual. You can also call your supplier and send the videos of trouble to them. They will guide you.

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