How to get the most out of your new automated packaging machine

How to get the most out of your new automated packaging machine

When innovative packing equipment is invested in the factory, they often require compact structure, quick delivery, high output, perfect automatic link, and reliability.

When Kaluwishi asked us for the innovative packing equipment on the 25th. June 2019. We know they are like this.

Additionally, they had bought 3 sets of packing machines to pack sugar several years ago to make their production pressure.  They touched some packaging machine producers under their research. Synda Pack is among one of them.

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Requirement Background

Kalungwishi locates on a cane farm. It uses canes to refine sugar and brown sugar. They need all the machines to be fully automatic. Each packing machine or auxiliary packing equipment co-starts with each other. Especially, the automatic working between the vibration sieve and the bagging machine. There’s a big silo between 2 bucket elevators that elevate the bulk sugar into the temporary bin of the linear weigher.

Critical Issues

The critical issues are the whole layout of the packing machine workshop. It must pay attention to the linkage between all the machines and make it fully automated production lines. The space is compact and the design should be able to contain the packing equipment within it. This gives our engineers challenges.

Strategy & Solution

Kalungwishi has a very good impression on the dual draw and high-speed Synda Pack’s vertical form fill seal machine. As the most advanced VFFS, Synda Pack has in stock and is ready to ship…

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