Herbal Tea Packing Machine

Herbal Tea Packing Machine

By Syndapack

Herbal Tea Packing Machine is one of our company’s main tea packing machinery. It’s not only automatic filling & sealing for herbal tea, but also for extraction drinking. Such as flower tea, black tea, herbal tea, dried fruit, and extraction drinks that are extracted from ginger, lemongrass, white mulberry, etc.

There are two main tea package styles for herbal tea packaging. One is the rectangular tea bag made of filter paper with cotton thread and tags. It’s automatically making tea bags on the machine. The paper filter bag is sealed by heating and the tag is sealed with adhesive. This herbal tea packing machine is as fast as 110 sachets/min.

The other tea package style is the pyramid tea bag. The packaging material is PLA tea bags, which are also named biodegradable tea packaging. It’s environmentally friendly tea packaging. With automatically weighing, filling, and sealing, its packing speed can be up to 45 bags/min.

The herbal tea packing machine consists of 2 main parts: a set of vacuum elevators and a set of tea filling & sealing machines. Envelopes packing machine is selectable. Automatic filled tea bag counting & sorting device, and manual box packing device is also attached to the tea filling & sealing machine.

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