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Drip Coffee Bag Machine: Ultimate Guide

Coffee is a top beverage with a worldwide consumption of about 2 billion cups daily. Coffee graces many coffee tables and is an excellent beverage on a date or while unwinding with friends and family. One of the increasingly popular ways of consuming coffee is the use of single-serve drip coffee bags. That’s where drip coffee bag machines become essential.

A drip coffee bag machine is a superb packaging solution for customers to enjoy coffee conveniently without requiring additional sophisticated coffee-making equipment. In particular, proper packaging helps preserve freshness, improves market attractiveness, and makes the distribution of coffee products more convenient.

As coffee continues to grow in popularity, and with many drip coffee bag machines coming into the market, you can be overwhelmed as a manufacturer: That’s why you need this ultimate guide. 

Identifying the best packaging machines for your drip coffee industrial plant will depend on several factors such as the type of coffee products you handle and the speed of output. 

This ultimate guide is a valuable resource in identifying the type of machine you may want to purchase for your drip coffee processing plant. 

Table of contents:

Read on for all you need to know about drip coffee bag machines. 

What Is a Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine?

A drip coffee bag machine automates the process of packaging ground coffee into single-use drip bags. The machine automatically fills, weighs, forms, and packs coffee into single bags

The drip coffee bag is a compact, sing-use filter sachet carring a preportioned amount of ground coffee. Bearing resemblance to a tea bag in its concept, the drip coffee bag is situated over a cup, and boiling water is poured over it, causing the coffee to trickle into the cup, thus producing a freshly brewed coffee serving.

Applications Of a Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine?

The procedure typically undertaken by a drip coffee bag packaging apparatus comprises the following steps:


  • Ground Coffee Loading: The apparatus is stocked with a quantity of pre-ground coffee. It precisely gauges the appropriate volume of coffee grounds and discharges them into individual filter sachets.
  • Filter Sachet Structuring: The apparatus shapes the filter sachets using filter paper or any other appropriate materials. The sachets are structured and sealed to contain the coffee grounds securely.
  • Drip Coffee Bag Encasement: After the filter sachets have been filled with coffee grounds, the apparatus wraps them singly or in sets, based on the design and specifics.
  • Sealing: The apparatus seals the peak of each drip coffee bag to guarantee the coffee grounds maintain their freshness and sterility until their usage.
  • Final Encasement: The sealed drip coffee bags are subsequently encased in larger bags, boxes, or other fitting packaging for shipping and dissemination.


Drip coffee bag packaging apparatuses provide multiple benefits, such as convenience, uniformity in coffee portioning, and minimized clutter compared to conventional methods of coffee brewing. These machines are prevalently employed in the hospitality sector, workplaces, and for the commercial sale of gourmet coffee.

Benefits of a Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

Therefore, it is a multi-purpose device that comes in handy for a variety of packaging needs you may have. 

Coffee comes in various forms;

  • Whole bean.
  • Ground coffee.
  • Coffee powder. 
  • Coffee extract.

A drip coffee bag machine packages ground coffee making it convenient to brew it conveniently as an alternative to instant coffee. 

Using a drip coffee bag machine comes with several benefits to the manufacturer, distributor, and consumer.  If you have not yet embraced automated machine packaging for your coffee processing business then you are missing out by a lot. 

Saves on labor costs

An automated drip coffee bag machine will cut down the need for manual labor in the packaging process. Although you will have skilled operators running the machines, you will manage a leaner workforce. This will significantly lower your factory labor costs. 

Furthermore, the machine’s high output will lead to higher productivity of superior quality coffee bags from your business. Machines produce bags of uniform quality hence predictable products in the market. 

Higher accuracy and precision

Manual processes in coffee packaging result in lots of wastage due to spillages and inaccurate weighing of products due to human errors. 

With automation, filling technologies weigh packages with pin-point precision hence producing packages of uniform weight. Such technologies as multi-head scales and weighing augers have a reputation for accurate weighing which minimizes product wastage during packaging. 

Better coffee bag sealing

Machine packaging consistently produces a superior seal that secures your coffee as it is transported to the market or stored in warehouses.  No one wants to take coffee with compromised taste due to poor packaging. 

Coffee needs to retain its freshness if customers will enjoy it on their coffee tables. To prevent your coffee from going stale or picking odors and moisture, you need superior sealing in a drip coffee bag. 

Machine packaging yields an exceptional seal that lowers the effect of the external environment on your coffee in the drip coffee bag. A well-done seal reduces the need for reworks on bags that may not be up to standard, something which happens with manual packaging. 

Durable machines

Coffee packaging will offer value for money as they are durable and sturdy.  

Built with a robust stainless steel structure that resists corrosion, they are a worthy investment for your industrial plant. Besides, they are designed to be easy to clean. 

Additionally, drip coffee bag machines come in a variety of models depending on your budget. The compact nature of the machines lowers the cost of containerization, storage, and transportation. 

High productivity

Enjoy economies of scale with highly productive drip coffee bag machines and grow in profitability. A highly productive machine enables you to increase output, meet growing demand,  and reach new markets. 

Hygienic packaging

Automated drip coffee bag packaging machines greatly improve hygiene by preventing human contact with the coffee being packaged. Sophisticated technology that allows for inner and outer bag forming and filling during packaging further enhances hygienic coffee packaging. 

Additionally, drip coffee bag machines are made of stainless steel which is recommended for handling food substances. Stainless steel is rustproof and easy to clean. Both CE and CGMP require that food processors adhere to certain hygienic standards through their industrial processes. 

Improved industrial safety

Automated drip coffee bag machines have a user-friendly Human-Machine Interface that allows operators to work hands-free. Skilled floor workers instruct the machine by way of touchscreen controls to run the entire packaging process. 

Moreover, less dependence on manual labor for the packaging process significantly lowers incidences and accidents in the factory. Fewer manual laborers on-site means you will be paying less for staff injuries due to improved industrial safety.

Better brand visibility

Ultrasonic sealing and heat-sealing technologies help produce unique drip coffee bag shapes that are attractive to consumers. 

Visual appeal is an integral part of promoting your brand to help you stand out in a highly competitive market space. 

Retains the freshness of the ground coffee for longer

Coffee is a sensitive product that can quickly lose its characteristic quality flavors when exposed to the elements over time. Drip coffee bag packaging helps secure the ground coffee into sachets and an outer envelope, in some cases.  

Freshness is mainly achieved by introducing nitrogen into the filter bag using a nitrogen-flushing device. Nitrogen is an inert gas that slows down reactions between the coffee and the elements keeping it fresh when it is opened up for brewing. 

Sustainable packaging is used

Modern drip coffee bag machines use biodegradable filter materials for the packaging process. This has a huge advantage in lowering global carbon emissions and reducing waste management costs making for a better environment and a more sustained world for future generations.

Drip Coffee Bag Styles

Drip coffee bags were invented by the Japanese in the 90s and offer a convenient way to consume specialty coffee while on the go. Drip coffee bags have grown in popularity recently due to their ease of use and portability. 

Coffee sellers have also taken advantage of the soaring popularity of drip coffee bags to introduce products into the market that are packaged in drip coffee bags.

What is a drip coffee bag?

Drip coffee bags are portable bags that contain ground coffee enclosed in paper stands that are unwrapped and dangled over cups. The bag hooks to the side of the cup by a handle while you pour hot water into the cup through the ground coffee. 

The bag is immersed in hot water in the cup allowing for the flavors to diffuse into the cup for a refreshing cup of brewed coffee. The bag is then disposed of after the coffee has been extracted. 

There are several types of drip coffee bags:

VFR Drip Coffee Bags

You’ll notice a VFR single-use drip coffee bag from its 3 points that hook onto the cup and its broad mouth. 

Pachit Drip Coffee Bags

A pachit drip coffee bag is the most common coffee bag in use. It’s compact and easy to use. 

Conic Drip Coffee Bags

 Just like the name suggests, a conic drip coffee bag is conical in shape. It offers superb extraction of the coffee owing to its classical shape. 

Round-Type Drip Coffee Bags

The round-type drip coffee bag is fairly simple to use. It’s highly portable and compact and suitable for the outdoors and convenient coffee making on the move. 

Categories of Drip Coffee Bag Machine

  • Standard-speed Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine
  • Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Packing Machine with Vertical Form-fill-seal Envelope Packaging Machine
  • Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Packing Machine with Horizontal Form-fill-seal Envelope Packaging Machine
  • UFO-Style Drip Coffee Packing Machine 

Standard-speed Drip Coffee Bag Machine

A standard-speed machine that is popular for packaging ground coffee, various teas, and other granulated food products. It can package from 35-40 bags per minute. 

The DC-19 Drip Coffee Bag Machine is a great example of a standard-speed machine.

The machine is based on a vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) packaging design and includes ultrasonic sealing technology. 

This machine produces attractive outer bag shapes that are heat-sealed with ultrasonic cutting technology employed to cut the inner bag. 

Packaging allows for gassing with nitrogen to preserve the freshness of the ground coffee. 

With this machine, you can automatically adjust the amount of coffee in each drip bag within a specified range. 

Components of a Standard-speed Drip Coffee Bag Machine
  • The machine can package from 1800 to 2000 bags per hour.
  • It uses ultrasonic sealing technology to cut the inner bag resulting in an attractive drip coffee bag. 
  • The outer bag, which is heat-sealed, is easy to tear. 
  • The machine has an effective Human-Machine-Interface that makes it user-friendly through the touch screen mechanism and a robust PLC control system that is simple to operate.
The Benefits of a VFFS Coffee Bag Machine

The standard-speed drip coffee bag machine is a vertical form-fill-seal machine and comes with some benefits:

  • Is a fast process and hence highly productive.
  • The vertical orientation makes it occupy less floor space.
  • Relatively affordable.
  • Is a reliable technology that has been used over the years.
  • The machine is versatile and can carry accommodate variations in bag size and type. 
The Working Mechanism of a Standard-speed Drip Coffee Bag Machine

DC-19 Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine | Coffee Packaging Machine | Synda Pack

This machine functions on a Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS) model. In summary, this is the working mechanism for a standard-speed drip coffee bag machine:

  • The machine transports and unwinds a continuous film sheet that will form into the drip coffee bags. 
  • The drip coffee bags are formed from biodegradable nonwoven filter fabrics that are excellent for packaging and brewing coffee. 
  • The drip coffee bag is unwound from a rollstock under tension using the machine’s transport system and automatic rollers. The rollers maintain the film’s position during the process of bag formation.
  • The film that’s under tension moves downwards to the bag-forming area.
  • At this point, you may print on the film if you have linked your machine to a printer. The printing may be branding marks such as logos and marketing information, or functional details like the date of manufacture.
  • Next is the bag formation process through a series of actions on the forming tube. 
  • There are two modes of VFFS machines; the continuous motion machines where film transport and bag formation are continuously happening and the intermittent motion machines where the process stops and restarts each time a bag is formed.
  • Then follows the bag filling and sealing stages. Here ultrasonic sealing occurs for the inner bag while the outer bag is heat sealed. 
  • Finally, the completed drip coffee bag is discharged from the machine into a receiving receptacle for further bulk packaging, and onward storage and transportation.

High-speed Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Bag Machine with Horizontal Form-fill-seal Envelope Packaging Machine

A high-speed drip coffee bag machine works with envelope packaging on a Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) mechanism. It also incorporates envelope packaging. The machine has an impressive output and can package between 2100 to 2400 bags per hour. 

Besides, the packaging produces an appealing envelop package that will help you reach your market. The U-shaped outer bag is nice-looking and is easy to tear open for use. 

The DC-29 Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine is an example of a high-speed drip coffee bag machine that explores the HFFS working mechanism. It features an imposing stainless steel structure. 

This machine is applicable for the packaging of a wide range of granular food products and granular herbs ranging from ground coffee, granules, black tea, and green tea, to other healthy tea products.

Components of a High-speed Drip Coffee Bag Machine
  • Employs ultrasonic sealing to cut the inner bag while heat-sealing the outer bag. The resultant product is a drip coffee bag that is striking in shape and looks. 
  • Features a PLC control system that is reliable, simple, and easy to use with a touchscreen component. 
  • Allows for the adjustment of the coffee drip bag weight in grams using the automatic quantitative method. There is a specified range of weight in grams that is allowable on the machine. 
  • High-quality packaging provides for gassing the coffee bags with nitrogen to enhance the freshness of the product during storage.
  • The pneumatic parts of the machine are made by reputable companies making for a durable investment. 
  • High-speed performance that produces 40-43 bags per minute. Moreover, you can adjust data on the machine while the machine runs thanks to the adoption of mechatronics. 
The Working Mechanism of a High-speed Drip Coffee Bag Machine

DC-29 Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine | Coffee Packing Machine | Synda Pack

A horizontal form fill seal machine operates with an overall rotary orientation. 

  • The machine forms a drip bag from a film of filter paper on a roll of stock film. 
  • All the operations of the machine happen in a rotary arrangement from start to finish – that is, from the formation of a drip bag, to fill with ground coffee, and then sealing.
  • The drip bag is then stashed into a beautifully made envelope 
The Benefits of an HFFS Coffee Bag Machine

The high-speed drip coffee bag machine is a horizontal form-fill-seal machine and has several advantages:

  • Super fast processing speeds therefore highly productive.
  • A compact machine that maximizes space.
  • A superior machine ergonomically.

Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Bag Machine with Super-fast Horizontal Form-fill-seal Envelope Packaging Machine

This superfast horizontal form-fill-seal drip coffee bag machine functions in a similar way to the previously discussed machine, except that this one is super fast. The machine can package up to 60 bags in a minute, or 3900-4200 bags per hour. 

Bags made from this machine are super attractive with beautiful designs coupled with envelope packaging. 

The high performance of this drip coffee bag machine is possible as it is driven by powerful servos that support rapid movement and pinpoint accuracy. 

Components of a Super-fast HFFS Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Bag Machine
  • While the outer bag is heat-sealed, the inner bag undergoes ultrasonic sealing. This results in a beautiful package ready for the market. 
  • The resulting drip coffee bag is convenient to handle when brewing as it has a simple tear opening.
  • There is room to adjust the weight of drip bags within a specified range.
  • The electrical and pneumatic components of this machine are sourced from reputable brands that are known for effective performance and durability. 
  • A robust PLC system with touchscreen inputs that are easy to follow. This makes the machine user-friendly and easy to operate and troubleshoot for factory technicians. 
  • You can make adjustments to the packaging process without stopping ongoing operations.
  • The machine can have a nitrogen-filling gadget attached to flush the coffee drip bags with nitrogen to maintain the freshness of the coffee until consumption. 
The Working Mechanism of a Super-fast HFFS Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Machine

DC-39 Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine | High-speed Coffee Packaging Machine | Synda Pack

A super-fast horizontal form fill seal machine operates with an overall horizontal alignment. 

  • The machine forms a coffee drip bag from a film of filter paper unwound from a roll of stock film. 
  • All the operations of the machine happen in a rotary orientation from the formation of a drip bag to the process of filling it with ground coffee and then sealing it.
  • The drip bag is enclosed in an envelope to complete the drip bag forming process.
  • The machine automatically moves the formed bags for onward storage and distribution. 

UFO-style Drip Coffee Bag Machine

The fedora drip coffee bag is fast growing in popularity among coffee consumers. The drip coffee bag resembles a fedora hat held upside down. 

The drip bag is convenient for coffee consumers on the go as it has a plastic lead and a round paper on which you may print company branding content. 

Besides packaging ground coffee, it’s mainly applicable in packaging various healthy teas and granulated medicinal powders. 

How to Choose a Suitable Coffee Drip Bag Machine for Your Business.

For any business, buying capital-intensive machinery is a serious consideration that takes much thought, planning, and financial resources. There are numerous coffee drip bag machines today, with many more designs coming into the market. As an entrepreneur, you need to know what to look for when buying a coffee drip bag machine to ensure you invest in packaging machinery that adds value to your industrial process. 

Your coffee packaging requirements

Your coffee packaging needs should be top of your list when shopping for a drip coffee bag machine.  The machine you buy must meet your quantitative and qualitative requirements as a manufacturer.

From the quantitative side, you need to buy a drip coffee bag machine that matches (or surpasses) your production capacity. Advanced coffee bag machines are easy to adjust to cover a range of production requirements. It’s also possible to regulate the speed of the coffee bag machine to match your production plant for a seamless industrial workflow. 

On the qualitative side, you’ll need a machine that packages the type of drip coffee bags you desire. 

Fortunately, some machines are versatile and with a little adjustment can package coffee drip bags in various bag styles. How fast does the changeover take if the machine is versatile? 

Think about your current and future packaging requirements as you look for a drip coffee bag machine. Highly automated machines are highly productive and therefore can cater to your projected packaging needs.


Purchasing, installing, and running a drip coffee bag machine has high initial costs that you must foot upfront. Be sure you are going for a machine that makes economic sense for your business. 

Evaluate your cash flows or if you can access external funding sources for equipment financing to increase the productivity of your business. 

Note that highly automated machines usually have higher productivity and can package a broad range of coffee drip bag designs. However, they’ll cost you more. 

Alternatively, you can consider leasing a machine, although that will still be costly in the long run. Leasing makes sense if you require the machinery for some temporal packaging needs. 

Ease of use

Go for a packaging machine that comes with an effective Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and an easy-to-follow manual. 

Additional online support while installing or troubleshooting makes it easier to run the machine at your premises. 

Why ease of use is an essential consideration when buying drip coffee bag machines:

  • It takes fewer resources to train employees to install and run the packaging machines.
  • There are fewer processing errors as you package your coffee.
  • There are shorter changeover times whenever you want to adjust the type of drip bag to package. 
Compatibility with your packaging line

Examine if the packaging machine you intend to buy is compatible with the machinery at your plant. 

If there is a need for adjustments for the machines to work together, evaluate the cost and complexity of such adjustments to determine if they are worth the effort and expense.

The reliability of the machine vendor

After you’ve settled on the type of drip-bag coffee packing machine to buy, you need to be sure you are importing it from a reputable vendor. 

Reliable machine manufacturers provide value for money by making quality machines. Such machines provide proper sealing of your drip coffee bags and remarkable gas flushing to retain the freshness of the coffee. 

Here are a few pointers to help you evaluate the reputation of a machine vendor:

  • Independent online reviews of the vendor’s products.
  • Recognition by other industry experts.
  • Is the brand recognizable?
  • Are machine parts sourced from other reputable firms?
  • Where applicable, are there certifications or awards that portray a mark of excellence?
  • Examine the user support material the vendor has provided to assess its level of originality, detail, and thoroughness. 
  • How current is the client’s website? 
  • Look out for the level of after-sales help the company offers.
Available floor space

Although floor space is not a major concern today since most automated packaging machinery is compact, it’s still critical that you have adequate space to install and run the packaging machine. 

Note that besides the space required for the packaging machine, it’s likely you’ll require more space. That’s because automating your packaging will likely lead to increased productivity. That means more space for additional raw materials and finished products.

Auxillary Equipment for Use With Drip Coffee Bag Machines

There are several auxiliary pieces of equipment that integrate with the drip coffee bag machines to complete the packaging process.

Here are some of the most common:

  • Dosing devices such as multi-head fillers, auger fillers, and volumetric fillers.
  • Weighing equipment.
  • Conveyors.
  • Gas filling devices
  • Tear notch devices 
  • Printers

Q&A: Common Questions on Drip Coffee Bag Machines

Here are a few common questions coffee processors ask when shopping for drip coffee bag machines:

How much is a drip coffee bag machine?

The cost of machines varies widely depending on the level of sophistication, the materials used, the dimensions, and the brand selling the machine. But generally, a drip coffee bag machine will cost from $20,000 to $50,000. 

As a rule of thumb, machines that have higher functionality and are more productive will cost more. However, you can get an excellent machine at a fair price if you take your time and review what other independent buyers have to say about their purchases. 

Contact us for cooperation in getting better quotes for the right type of drip coffee bag machine for your factory. 

Is it easy to operate a drip coffee bag machine?

Due to advanced PLC controls, it is easy to install and run most drip coffee bag machines. Some touchscreens make operations simple even if your employees aren’t advanced technicians with engineering-level expertise. 

Besides, the availability of online and offline support from the most reputable machine vendors makes it easy to set up, run, and troubleshoot your drip coffee bag machine from your factory with ease. 

Offline support can come in form of support teams that come to train your technicians on basic installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Also, the machines come with comprehensive manuals to enable you to work with ease. 

What should I do to prepare my factory to receive a drip coffee bag machine?

You must prepare your firm well before the machine lands so that you begin to benefit from the investment the soonest as it arrives. 

Your checklist on how to prepare should include the following aspects:

  • Have a checklist that ticks out the necessary actions you need to take when the machine arrives. The checklist will act as a working guide that helps you know what needs to be done, by who, and by when. For example, if there are licenses to be acquired from the local or federal government, ensure it’s captured on your checklist. 
  • Training; your workforce must take the right technical training to handle the machines before installation. Most reputable machine sellers will offer training in one form or another as an after-sales service. The training should be effective and ongoing support available. 
  • Prepare the space where the drip coffee bag machine will be installed. Fortunately, most machines these days are increasingly compact thereby occupying less floor space. However, It is important to note that higher productivity from the machine will likely require more floor space to store additional raw materials and finished goods. So don’t just think about the machine alone. 
  • Be futuristic as you install your machine. If you will need to expand your production by acquiring additional machines, then install the machine while making room for more machines in the future. 
Should I buy the drip coffee bag machine from China, Europe, or the USA?

The world is growingly turning to China for its manufacturing needs. That is because China has proven itself in producing high-caliber machinery that is also cost-effective when compared with manufacturers from Europe and the USA. 

China’s reputation as a leader in global manufacturing is renowned that US-based and European companies frequently run some of their production lines in China. 

You stand to gain by identifying a reputable manufacturer in China and buying from them. 

What are the common troubleshooting issues with drip coffee bag machines?

Drip coffee bag machines experience various troubleshooting issues. Becoming familiar with these issues is vital so you are not flat-footed when your machine experiences them. 

Since drip coffee bag machines come in vertical form-fill-seal and horizontal form-fill-seal modes, the troubleshooting issues will vary from machine to machine. 

Nonetheless, here are some common troubleshooting issues:

  • Machine failing to power up for operations: check if there is power disruption from the main lines. 
  • Failure to reset: when the machine is irresponsive to reset instructions it could be a result of faulty wiring or other safety issues with the machine.
  • Sealing jaws jamming: may result from low air pressure, or where jaws are improperly set up. 
  • Poor vertical or horizontal seals; they could be ground coffee on the end seals, or the forming tube may not be set up properly. 
  • The printer is not running; check if the printer is switched on before running the machine.

With regular maintenance, troubleshooting becomes easy and uncommon. Therefore, ensure you always clean your machine thoroughly regularly to ensure it is in good shape to perform packaging functions. 


Drip coffee bag machines have made it convenient for coffee drinkers to enjoy their freshly brewed ground coffee without requiring sophisticated brewing equipment. This single-serve drip coffee bag has increasingly grown in popularity thus the need to get machines that can package coffee in a manner that meets market demand. 

This in-depth guide takes you through all you need to know regarding drip coffee bag machines. You also understand what to look for when buying a drip coffee bag machine for your coffee manufacturing plant. 

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