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Conveyor Box Filler

Conveyor Box filler is the most stable bag-in-box machine. It’s easily structured with simple control. Therefore, it’s very popular in industrial packaging. It’s widely used in the sugar, rice, salt, pasta, and flour industry, for instance.

Features For Conveyor Box Filler

As it explores a natural drop-out way to fill into the box or case, there’s seldom downtime. So it greatly improves your packaging efficiency. Meanwhile, it’s easy to install and operate since it’s simple controlled. For example, it’s only with a few actions, such as conveying, positioning, filling, and sealing. That’s it.

Meanwhile, we can tailor-make the belt-conveyor type of box filler. For example, we will design the machine according to your real packaging situation, like bag sizes, case size, and your workshop occupation. After that, you will get the excellent box filler as expected.

Auxiliary Equipment of Conveyor Box Filler

Above all, we can also integrate our belt-conveyor box filler with other packaging machinery. There are case erectors, case sealers, conveyors, and other necessary packaging machines.

Brands of Electricals

At last, we know well-branded electrical parts are compulsory for a good performance machine. Our belt-conveyor box filler explores the famous brand of electricals from the world. For example, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, FESTO, PANASONIC, etc. Likewise, machine materials quality is also under our consideration.

In short, we will make it the 100% right bag-in-box filling machine to fulfill your packaging needs.

  • Integrated conveyors, case erector, case sealer as a bag-in-box machine line
  • Natural dropping and filling technology make it easy and safe
  • Easy to install and operate, saves box packaging cost a lot
  • Simple structure and control make it easy to operate and maintenance
Model BFD-1000
Speed 10~15 times/min.
Bag Weight 1~7kg
Case size custom-made
Power 380V, 50Hz, 4Kw
Machine Dimension 2500*1500*2200mm
Machine Weight 950kg
Suitable packaging products Sugar, rice, flour, pasta, and similar products

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