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Box Packing Machinery

Synda Box Packing Machine is a fully automatic bag filling into the box packaging line. It ranges from 1 kg pouch packaging, carton erecting, carton filling, bags stacking and filling, and carton sealing. The bags stacking mode is flexible. It’s widely used for sugar, salt, rice, pasta, snacks, nuts, and the fertilizer industry.

Gravity type of bags filling, cartesian robot, spider hand robot, Synda Pack can give the flexible bags filling into box packing solution. It’s a perfect box filling machine and easy to operate the united box packaging line.

Carton erector, case sealer, converged conveyors, and bulk packing machines (VFFS machine & Premade Pouch Packing Machine), Synda Box Packing Machine can customize your box packing machine line from the raw materials to the boxed products.

Synda Box Packing Machine is designed on the base of all the packing equipment and knowing exactly your packaging needs. We give a whole box packaging solution according to your workshop situation. It’s suitable for you and saves a lot.

box packing machinery

Box Packing Machine Manufacturer – Synda Pack

Flexible Box Packing Machine & Solution

  • Great box packing machine line with bags automatically filling into the box
  • 1 kg packing machine united, with roll stock film or premade pouches
  • Flexible bags stacking and filling mode that fills the bag into the box
  • Carton erector, case sealer, converged conveying system attached
  • Fully automatic box packing machine unit with PLC centralized control system
  • Customized box packaging solution suits your box packaging needs
  • Easy to learn and to operate
  • Intelligent and Safe with the alarm system
  • Imported and famous brand of electrical parts
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    box filling machine

    Synda Gravity Box Packing Machine is automatically falling into the box after the bags putting in an order. This type of box packing machine is widely popular, reliable, and cheaper than a spider hand robot.

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    robot box packing machine

    Synda Robot Box Packing uses spider type vacuum gripper robot to automatically fill the bags into the box. Super fast and high efficient saves labor cost greatly. Carton erector and case sealer are attached with PLC controlled.

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    box packing machinery

    Synda Cartesian Coordinate Box Packing Machine makes use of cartesian coordinate to fill the bags into the box automatically. This type of box filler is reliable at a good price. Easy to operate and maintain.

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