Best 5 Advice For Choosing A Suitable Sugar Packaging Machine

Sugar Packaging

As the saying goes, the five flavors of life-sweet and sour, bitter, and salty, are necessary. As one of the five flavors, sweetness is indeed necessary for peopleā€™s lives. White sugar is widely used as a raw material for food production, a must-have for flavoring, and a necessary companion for coffee. A sugar packaging machine you must need it.

And in reality, the types of white granulated sugar that we commonly see are also very diverse. The granulated sugar that comes with coffee is a long or small square packaging.

We usually use five hundred grams of bags for cooking or boiling water. For pastries, biscuits, or other manufacturers, it is a large-bag type.

Different white sugar packaging, the corresponding white sugar packaging machine is also very different.

There are 5 pieces of advice on choosing suitable sugar packaging machines for you.

First: You Need to Decide on the Packaging Materials for Your Future Sugar Packaging Machine.

There are many types of white granulated sugar packaging machines. If it is a sugar bag for coffee production or a small-weight packaging, we can use a vertical granule packaging machine. For small packages, for example, stick bags, these sachets can be produced with different packaging materials.

For example, paper/polyethylene, cellophane/polyethylene, polypropylene/polyethylene, polyester/aluminum foil/polyethylene, polyester/aluminum/polyethylene, nylon/polyethylene, polyester/polyethylene, etc.

1) Laminated Film & LLDPE Single Layer Film For Sugar Packing Machine

The packaging film will decide the design of a normalĀ SugarĀ Packing Machine. For the sugar mill industry using 1kg pouch packaging, normally two kinds of films are commonly adopted: one is theĀ laminated filmĀ and another isĀ LLDPE Single Layer Film.Ā 

Laminated Film & LLDPE Film

The laminated film and the LLDPE film have different heat-sealing features. Especially the temperature sensitivity is much different. The laminated film seals at 150 ā€“ 200 Centigrade, while the LLDPE film seals at only 100 ā€“ 120 Centigrade.

Heating Rod For Laminated Film Sealing

Heating Rod & Heating Block

Heating Ribbon For LLDPE Film Sealing

Heating Ribbons

The sugar packing machine using Laminated Film and LLDPE single-layer film is different too.Ā  The two kinds of sugar-packing machines make use of different kinds of heaters and temperature controllers.

The Laminated Film sugar-packing machine uses a heating rod, and the LLDPE single-layer film sugar-packing machine uses a heating ribbon. For the temperature controller, the sugar packing machine coming with Laminated Film uses a Temperature Controller, while the sugar packing machine coming with LLDPE single-layer film uses Ropex Temperature Controller.

Temperature Controller

Ropex Temperature Controller For Heating Ribbon Sealing

Ropex Temperature Controller For Heating Ribbons

2) The Advantage Comparison BetweenĀ Laminated FilmĀ and LLDPE Film (Single Layer Film)

VFFS Machine For Sugar Filling & Packaging

Laminated film sugar packing machine

There are several advantages of aĀ sugar packing machine that comes with laminated film. First of all, the Laminated Film Machine cost is cheaper than the machine coming with theĀ LLDPEĀ single-layer film. Secondly, the laminated film packing machine is at a higher speed than the LLDPE packing machine. Itā€™s about 5~10 bags/min. difference. At last, itā€™s more stable than sealing than the LLDPE film machine.

LLDPE Single-layer Film Packaging Machine

LLDPE Single-Layer Sugar Packing Machine

While thereā€™re also some advantages to the LLDPE sugar-packing machine. Firstly, the packaging material is cheaper. TheĀ LLDPEĀ single-layer film is much cheaper than the laminated film machine. If the packaging capacity is huge, the total cost of packaging materials will save a lot after a whole year of consumption. Secondly, itā€™s much easier for sugar LLDPE packages filled in big bags.

After small bags of sugar packaging, will be filled into big bags. Usually, there are 20 small packets per big bag. An automatic bag-in-bag packing machineĀ will do this secondary packaging. It strictly requires small bags that should be soft. LLDPE bags completely comply with this standard. Otherwise, if the small bags are too stiff, they will not be packaged well inside the big bags.

Second, It Needs to Study the Local Market and Decide What Are Your Clientsā€™ Favorite Package Styles.

Stick, sachet, pouch, or paper packaging, stand-up pouch, woven plastic flat bag, etc. The sachet packaging machine is suitable for sachet packaging with small dosing as well as the stick packaging machine.

TheĀ Form-fill-seal machineĀ is suitable for pouch packaging with middle-volume dosing. The automatic rotary packing machine is suitable for pre-made pouches including stand-up pouches, doy bags, zipper pouches, etc. While theĀ automatic bagger machineĀ is better for pp bags with a large volume filling.

Stand-up pouchesĀ andĀ zip bagsĀ are also widely used. The bags are premade by theĀ premade packing machine.

Third: You Need to Know Your Output.

If your daily production is large, it advises using a fully automatic packing machine. If small output, then use a semi-automatic packing machine.

Synda Pack can supply the best packing solution for you. Kilo sugar packing machine is a very popular packaging nowadays.

The 1kg or a half kilo or 3kg sugar packages we see on the market shelves belong to this category.

As a sugar packaging machine, an electronic weigher machine or a volumetric machine can be used. If the powdered sugar is too powdery, you can also use a screw system vertical filler to pack the powdered sugar.

These machines differ from sticky machines in that they are single-channel. The speed is low, but the weight of the packaging accuracy is high.

white sugar package

Fourth: Better to Consider Auxiliary Packing Equipment to Make a Whole Sugar Packaging Line.

Many applications require a product to be conveyed without degradation or damage. The degraded or damaged product can have serious implications for customers dissatisfied as well as unhealthy and unsafe. Using a bucket elevator in the packaging process of the product is paramount, it is essential to use a gentle handling bucket elevator.

1) Bucket Elevator

It needs to add an elevator and automatically feed the large bulk of sugar onto the packing machines.

Sugar Feeding Elevator

2) End Product Conveyor

While belt conveyor for the end packed package is also needed and conveys the packed package to the secondary packing machine or by hand.

End Belt Conveyor For Sugar Package

Fifth,Ā You Need to Choose an Excellent Printing Machine

As we know, the data code printing on sugar packages must be done. While if use a printer that has trouble time by time, your sugar production line will stop. It will lose too much.

Date Coding

Therefore, you will find itā€™s very compulsory to have a good-performance printer. It will save you a lot of time out of downtime. We suggest using a high-speed and stable date-code printer.

TTO (Thermal-transfer-overprinting) is a quite good data printer for the sugar industry. You can edit information on the computer (touch panel) whatever you need before it prints on the sugar bags.

Heating Rotary Printer

TTO Printer For Sugar Packing Machine

Besides, you may need to know the types of sugar-packing machines in the market.

Automatic sugar packaging machines mostly use automatic bag making.Ā  The size of the bag can be set in advance. The advantages are obvious.

It can make various sizes of bags. and no need to change equipment. It just changes the packaging films and the packaging mold.

For large dosing packaging, we can choose a targeted granule packaging machine. 1kg sugar packing machine, 2 kg-10 kg VFFSĀ sugar packing machine, or 25kg white granulated semiautomatic sugar packaging machine, nevertheless, you can find a suitable packaging machine.

The sugar packaging machine is self-flow feeding for large dosing. While vibration feed for small dosings, such as 1kg sugar packaging. Requires artificial bagging, suitable for manufacturers who often change packaging specifications.

No matter what style of white sugar packaging machine you use, they all have the same characteristics. It has characteristics like accurate measurement, accurate filling, adjustable speed, ease of use, high efficiency, and intelligence. Itā€™s also the advantage of sugar packaging machines. Five flavors of life, each flavor has its packaging machine, do you choose your packaging machine?

To find your sugar packing machine, we would like to introduce types of sugar packing machines in the market.

Types ofĀ Sugar Packing Machines

  • Ā 5-gram Stick Packing Machine
  • 5kg Sugar Bagging Machine
  • 25kg Sugar Bagging Machine
  • Bag-in-Bag Packing Machine
  • Bag-in-Box Packing Machine

5 Gram Stick Packing Machine

This small stick-packing machine has 5~15 grams of sugar per sachet. Easy to consume, nice packet, itā€™s widely used in the market.

stick sugar package

Sugar Stick Packets

There are single-lane sachet packing machines and multi-lane sachet packing machines. The speed for a single-lane sachet machine is 40~50 bags/min, while theĀ multi-lane sachet packing machineĀ is 40~400 bags/min.

For instance, if there are 10 lanes, the speed will be up to 24000 sachets/min. Itā€™s a super-fast stick-packing machine.

Multi-lanes Sachet Packing Machines

As the sugar stick packing machine, it explores volumetric measuring devices to fill the sugar. Sharing with a big silo on the top of the machine, the multi-track filler will automatically fill the materials into the sachets at the same time.

Sugar Filler Multi Lanes

Multi-track Fillers For Sugar

The filling amount ranges from 5 grams to 25 grams. Max. The dosing amount is 50 grams. It depends on the filling lanes. In other words, it can design the stick packing machine according to your situation, such as the filling speed, dosing amount, as well as sachet size.

Meanwhile, the sealing pattern is also a key factor that influences the stick packaging effect. Synda Pack provides many sealing styles for you. You can check and see the sealing and cutting styles for the stick sachet below:

Different Sealing & Cutting Styles Of Bags

Stick Pack Sealing & Cutting Styles

At last, we will attach some end package photos for the sugar stick pack sample. Blow samples are stick packets for sugar.

Brown Sugar Stick Sachets

5kg Sugar Bagging Machine


There are 2 types of 5kg sugar bagging machines. One is a manual bagging scale, the other is fully automatic.

  • Manual Bagging Machine
  • Automatic Bagging Machine

The manual bagging machine uses a 2-head vibration weigher. It vibrates and feeds the sugar into the weigh hopper and weighs according to the set amount.

It has 2 grades vibrating and feeding mode. For example, you want a 5kg sugar filling amount per bag. It will first feed 4.8kg with the big feeder, and the left 0.2kg will be fed by the small feeder. Therefore, it can guarantee filling accuracy.


You need to know 5 pieces of advice on sugar packing machines before you buy a sugar packing machine. You need to select suitable packaging materials. Study the market and find out your clientsā€™ favorite bag styles. After knowing these, you also need to know your anterior sugar production line output. You may also need to know how to link your production line to the post-packing machine.

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