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Automatic Bag Placer

Description of Automatic Bag Placer:

This bag-in-bag Packing Machine uses an automatic bag placer to feed the big bag. By being integrated with the counter and filler, and conveyors, it’s suitable for 1kg, 2kg bag counting and filling into big bags. The anterior packing machines could be VFFS machines or pouch filling machines units. Furthermore, automatic bag placer will be linked with the automatic bag placer by the conveyors. Additionally, we can provide the complete bag-in-bag packing machine lines according to your package situation. With the compact design of your workshop, our bag-in-bag packing machine line that consists of several packing equipments will be satisfied. Therefore, it saves occupation space the most.

Features of Automatic Bag Placer:

Our automatic bag placer is applicable for many types of big bags. Likewise, it can suit Polypropylene bags, paper bags, and plastic-coated bags. The filling weight ranges from 25kg to 50kg. As for the bag closer, 2-in-1 sewing machines, 3-in-1 sewing machines, or heat-sealers are all available. The packing speed is max. 600 bags per hour. A robot palletizer is optional. It’s very priticular. Welcome to consult!

  • Double vacuum pumps with stable performance for bagging
  • Adjustable conveyor designed for bagged products
  • From raw material to bagged products without human interfere
  • The intelligent alarming system guarantees the security of the bagging system
  • Hot melt glue sealing makes bagged products have a long shelf life
Technical Data HB25-PP
Speed PP Bag:Up to 720 Bags/hour
Bag width range 500-800mm
Bag length range 800-1100mm
Open Mouth Bag Material PP Bag (Polypropylene bag)

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