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Automatic Cartoning Machine


This automatic cartoning machine is a fully automated packing line that mainly consists of a sachet packing machine, a automatic sachet feeder, a code printer, as well as an automatic cartoning machine. Completely automatic carton packing line which is totally controlled by PLC & HIM.


It’s widely used for pharmacy, solid drinks, ketchup, and sauce products. With the different models of multi-lane sachet packing machines, which can pack with variant bag styles, such as 3-side-seal, center-seal, and 4-side-seal.

As for the box, this automatic cartoning machine suits for double sides glue-sealed, or cover plugged. The carton packing speed reaches 70 boxes/min. while sachet packing speed is up to 700 bags/min.

Working Principal

The sachet cartoning machine is a complete sachet & box packing line. The multi-lane sachet packing machine will firstly pack the bulk product. Then the sachet arranger which consists of scramblers will count and group the sachets. The cartoning machine will insert the grouped sachets into the box and glue them.

You can set the filling amount, and packing speed on the touch panel. Code printer can also be added if you need to print the date and batch no. on the boxes. The sachet packing machine will match the date printer with itself.

It can complete automatic material feeding, sachet forming, filling, vertical & horizontal sealing, printing batch no., cutting tear notch, flat cutting, sachet fetching & multi-rays conveying, online weight checking, unqualified sachets kick-off, filled sachets stacking & conveying, brochure folding, paper box forming, filled sachet into the box, batch no. pressing-print, unqualified box kick-off, and filled box overwrapping with Bopp film.

Custom-made Sachet & Box Packing Line

You just need to add tell us package style, filling amount, and bulk material status(solid, liquid/paste, or powder) for our sachet packing machine model choosing. As for the carton, you need to show us the box style, and how many sachets will fill the box.

We will choose the sachet cartoning machine after you give the detailed packaging information. A layout design will come out after the good interaction between us.

  • Speed: up to 15-50 boxes/min.
  • Paper requirements: 250-400g Gray. White card
  • Suit for carton size: L80-130-200 W60-180 H20-50-70
  • Power supply: AC220V 50HZ-60HZ
Technical Data Tuck-in Glue
Power Supply AC220V  50HZ-60HZ AC220V  50HZ-60HZ
Production Speed 15-50 boxes/min 15-50 boxes/min
Paper Requirements 250-400g gray. white card 250-400g gray. white card
Suitable for Carton Size L80-130-200  W60-180  H20-50-70 L80-130-200  W60-180  H20-50-70
Equipment Dimensions 3183*1563*1651mm 3183*1563*1651mm
Machine Weight About 1150kg About 1180kg

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