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Synda was founded in 2008. We supply excellent vertical form fill seal machines, automatic bagger machines, pouch filling machines, sachet packing machines, tea packing machines, and bottle filling machines for our customers. Our packing machines can be used in many industries and applications. We can serve our clients with custom-made packing solutions.

No matter your product in any state, such as granules, powder, liquid, paste, pieces, non-regular, we can give you the right packing solutions. We have already served many industries, such as snack food, rice, maize, pulse, sesame, spice, seasoning, tea bag, dumpling, detergent powder, chemical powder, metallic, etc.

Is your business searching for a good partner for a high quality of packing machine? Or is your factory choosing a packing machine? We are the right one that you really want to find.

If you find and choose us, we will supply a very qualified packing machine with convenient services that others don’t supply. We will help you choose the right packing machine for you. We can be your adviser and friends forever.

We sincerely welcome you’re going to visit us soon or later. Start from contacting us now!

Our beginning


Our beginning 2008

Synda Co. was established.  


Bag-form-fill VFFS 420 comes out

Compact and highly-efficient for the liquid market.


Bag form-fill-seal VFFS 520 comes out

VFFS 520 suitable for 1kg packing


Rotary Packing Machine SR200 comes out

Rotary SR200 for preformed bags automatic bags feeding, filling, sealing.


Sachet Packing Machine K100 is designed

The first sachet packing machine K100 is designed for granules.


Tea bag packing machine STB-10A has been designed

Inner filter bag & outer film with thread and tag.


Rotary Packing Machine SR300 Designed

SR300 is for the 5KG preformed bag with 6 workstations.


Bag form-fill-seal machine VFFS1100 Designed

VFFS1100 is designed for 10kg and suitable for secondary packing.


Powerful Bag-form-fill VFFS600 comes out

VFFS 600 has a more powerful capacity.


Bottling machine BF series comes out

Bottling & filling machine breaks the blank of bottling market.


Automatic Heavy Bagging Machine Comes Out

This makes heavy bagging more efficient.

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