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Automatic Bagger Machine

The automatic bagging machine is for 25kg bag filling, bag placing, bag conveying, and bag closing. Mainly for more than 25kg PP bags, Paper bags, and PE bags.

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VFFS Machine

Vertical packaging machine uses rollstock plastic film automatic bag forming, filling, and sealing. For 100~5000g bag dosing, filling, and sealing.

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Bottle Filling Machine

In-stock packaging equipment is the perfect solution for contract packagers or any company needing machinery on shorter lead times.

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Pouch Filling Machine

Automatic rotary packing machine for premade pouches. Automatic premade pouches filling and sealing machine. For 100g~7kg dosing, filling, and sealing.

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Synda Pack was found in 2008, which is the best packing machine manufacturer for excellent automatic packing machine, vertical form fill seal machine, pouch filling machine, automatic bagger machine, tea packing machine, and sachet packing machine. Synda Pack factory locates in Hefei city, Anhui Province of China.

Synda Pack is your first-choice packing machine supplier. Our packing machines can be appliable for many industries. It designs for packing all types of free-flowing materials into polyethylene, paper, or poly-woven open-mouth bag. Handle pillow-type or side-gusseted bags of various sizes from 100g up to 50kg.

Our R&D department is capable of designing packaging solutions for your specific needs. These solutions are on the base of the skillful use of the machines, not limited to VFFS machine, weighers, fillers, wind wrapping machines, robot palletizer, code printer, conveyors and elevators, etc.



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Detergent Powder Packing Machine (VFFS, Linear Weigher, Worktable & Conveyor)

My company is trading & manufacturing for detergents. We bought all our automatic detergent powder packing machine from Synda Pack twice. VFFS machine has multi-function with good running and with competitive prices. They manufacture and give packing solutions for our detergent packaging. We would like to recommend them as the best supplier of packing machinery.

Mr. Arzu

Factory Manager

Sugar Packing Machines For Farm Factory (VFFS, Semi Automatic Bagging Machine, and Conveyors)

Our farm factory manufactures white and brown cane sugar. All our packing machines, including VFFS, semi-automatic packing machine, and bucket elevator & conveyors are provided by Synda Pack. They give us gorgeous packing machinery with good services. We have very good communication from the very beginning of the packing solution design. Especially for the 25kg bagging machine. The designs from the Synda is very professional and meet our requirement. VFFS machines are also fabulous with good looking and qualified.  We will keep a long relationship in light of cooperation in the future.

Mr. Sameen

General Manager

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Your packing machine manufacturer should be able to supply the whole packing machine including auxiliary packaging equipment.
  • Your packing machine manufacturer should provide the best packaging solution with CAD layout designs.
  • Your packing machine manufacturer should give you a competitive machine price and good installation and spare parts services.
  • Your packing machine manufacturer should be capable of talk with you smoothly and know your product’s packaging needs well.
  • Your packing machine manufacturer should provide other services, such as export package data, shipping space ordering, installation, commissioning and spare parts.

Firstly, you need to tell the packing machine manufacturer about your products. You should let them know the status, flowing, size, shape, moisture, etc.

Secondly, you should let your packing machine manufacturer know what package you want. There are packages like a premade pouch, a roll of film to make the pouch, PP bags, paper bags, buckets, jars, bottles, etc.

Thirdly, you need to tell your packing machine manufacturer the packaging process. From the bulk filling and sealing, bag in bag, bag in case or carton, palletizing, film wrapping the pallet, etc.

At last, you should tell your packing machine manufacturer where will you put the packing machine. The packing machine manufacturer will give you a layout CAD drawing according to your workshop situation.

From the point of economy, the roll film shall help you to save packaging material cost.

From the point of appearance, the pre-made pouch shall be much better for the market due to its beautiful shape.

All in all, customers should do a market search to make a decision which one they should use to reach the best selling performance and profit.

Syndapack shall have detailed communication with customers to collect project requirements clearly.

Then our technical team shall design the full solution design on the base of the customer’s factory layout and finally.

We shall provide an accurate price quotation for customer checking.

If we need to judge a semi-automatic packing machine and a fully automatic packaging machine, we just need to check if the labor is involved in the mechanical production process.

If labor is involved in the process like bag feeding, bag opening, bottle opening, etc., we can say that is semi-auto.

On the other hand, if the labor is just operating the touch panel or feeding bulk products into silo position in a certain amount, then that will be a fully automatic packing machine.

Whether it is hard to operate a packing machine shall depend on two points: the first one is that whether the machine is well programmed.

If the machine program is well designed, then it will be very easy to handle.

The second one is whether the operator has some basic knowledge of training of the machine, if they have, then no difficult for them.

Before installing the packing machine in the factory, the customer must communicate well with the machinery supplier to confirm all the size design and meet the layout.

When the machine arrived, they shall prepare a forklift ready for machinery installation. You also need to prepare for the electricity as the packing machine manufacturer required.