Sachet Packing Machine

Sachet Packing Machine

Synda supplies you from single-lane to multi-lane sachet packaging machine. Let’s market you brand with a die-cut sachet design right now.

Integrated Packing Machine Line

Thanks to many years expertise in automated packaging machines, Synda can give you an complete and integrated packaging line for your packaging requirement.

no-need-install drip coffee bag machine

Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

Synda would give you multi-function of drip coffee packaging. Fastionable to attract your clients. We can give you the best coffee bag packaging solution.

Tea Bag Machine

Synda is able to cutomerized your tea packaging with different tea bag styles. Such as rectangular, pyramid teabags. High-speed, grouped or integrated to meet your requirement.

Stay focused, stay different


Integrated envelope packaging with filter bags is our great renovation. Compact structure compact function, or we say multi-function in one machine, makes installment no need.

Are you Worried About INSTALLATION?

Synda explores block design and quick collection. When you receive the machine, it’s almost completely installed, only slightly combine blocks. You just plug the machine and just use it.

Synda will provide Best Automatic PackAGing Solution FOR YOU

Tea Pouch & Filter Bag

We have different types of tea pakagin machine, regardless for pure filter tea bags or integrated filter bag with envelope.

Pyramid Tea Bags

STB-50 Series pryramid tea bag machines, popular for fruit tea, flower tea packaging.

Form-fill-seal Packaging

Form-fill-seal machine makes tea bags out of filter packaging material, PLA film, ultrasonic seal for all bag sides.

6 Tunnel Centrifugal Weigher

Advanced weighing technolgy specially designed for tea industry, suitable for a weide tea weighing and filling.

Box Filling & Packing

End line matched with box counting and filling into box after pure tea bags, or integrted with envelope packaging.

Overwrapping The Box

Pure tea bags into box, you also need a BOPP film overwrapping it. It will barrier the tea from unfreshness.

Commonly Asked Questions

Pyramid tea bag shape is triangular, while rectangular is 4 side sealing. Pyramid tea bag uses ultrasonic sealing, and rectanular tea bag explores heating rod. 

The packaging material of rectangular tea bag is filter paper, of course it’s specially available to be sealable type. Pyramid tea bag is nylon or PLA mesh or woven fabric.

Nylon is more economical, and PLA is eco-friednly. Nylon is more cheap and cost saving. The PLA material using cane bagasee as raw material, explore mesh or fabric type. Nylon only has mesh type. PLA mesh is usually used for pyramid tea bag, while PLA fabric is used for coffee.

Volumetric cup filler has advantage of cheap cost. But it need to adjust the volume when you change the tea types. It uses voulme of the cup measure the filling amount. It spends time. Additonally it’s not accurate. If your tea is very expensive, it’s not worthy to use. The cup filler is open structure. It’s not environmental protection if there’s much fine powder in your tea or coffee, it’s not friendly.

6-tunnel electronic weigher uses centrifugal round tunnel to feed the mixed tea, this will make the tea in a even mass and scale well accuracy. 

The 6-tunnel has 6 weighers guarantee filling speed. Enclosed structure protect the tea power from the environment.

No. All our tea bag machine and drip coffee bag packing machine are one-button-operation.

synda No-need-install tea bag machine

Synda is a tea bag machine manufacturer. Buy no-need-to-install tea bag machine, just from Synda. Start to use since received.

Focused on tea bag machine, we know what an automated tea bag machine means for our client.


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As a leading packing machine manufacturer, Synda will always provide you with quality equipment and grow your business. We have expanded our business in North America, Europe, Africa, South Asia, and other areas.

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